Sunday, April 5, 2009

Marine “green power” options presented at “Clean, Green Boating Fair”

Jim Muri, Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma member and systems engineer, will present the realities of “green” power generation, including solar, wind and towed generation options at the 1st Annual “Clean, Green Boating Fair.”

A sailboat owner, Muri first discovered the practical uses of solar generators as a partial solution to offshore battery maintenance while planning a sailing passage to Hawaii. Here in the Pacific Northwest climate, Muri uses solar energy to keep his own vessel’s batteries powered for about eight months each year.

“Green power” options
Topics covered in Muri’s free talk will include calculating your vessel’s energy budget and general planning guidelines for the following battery maintenance options:

  • Solar power generation
  • Towed generator power generation
  • Wind generator power generation

Muri will show a simple spreadsheet created for energy budget planning. Motivated to discover ways to avoid carrying and using extra fuel to maintain battery power, Muri used his pragmatic and space-saving approach in planning off shore passages. His research led him to install solar and towed generator systems to supplement battery power without the use of his vessel’s engine.

During his talk, Muri will display a large solar panel, a small solar panel, and a charge controller from West Marine, along with his own towed generator. He will also cover similarities between solar, wind and towed generators.

In addition to researching the merits of “alternative” energy, Muri – a former U.S. Army Officer and author of literary and adventure-romance novels – has used his skills to develop web-based outlets for his prolific publications. Following his talk, he will stick around to discuss energy planning for intrepid sailors bound for ports afar or for just hanging out on the hook in some backwater hideout here in the Sound.

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