Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Citizens for a Healthy Bay brings "hands-on" education to "Clean, Green Boating Fair"

Citizens for a Healthy Bay (CHB) works with citizens, businesses, and federal, state and local government agencies to cleanup, restore and protect the shorelines and waterways in Tacoma and South Puget Sound. CHB also operates a Clean Boating outreach and education program -- sponsored by the Port of Tacoma -- to inform recreational and commercial boaters of their role in preventing pollution and maintaining sustainable boating practices.

CHB's Bay Patrol Director, Jeff Barney, travels by boat throughout area waterways to identify and quickly resolve water pollution issues by working with Washington State Department of Ecology, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the City of Tacoma.

At the "Clean, Green Boating Fair," CHB's Bay Patrol boat will be onsite, along with information about CHB's Citizen Stewards program that trains volunteers to prevent, detect and report water and shoreline pollution.

A highlight of CHB's offerings will be the "EnviroScape" hands-on interactive display, a watershed model that demonstrates how changes we make can reduce the amount of pollutants washing off roads, farms and landscapes into our rivers and Puget Sound.

CHB offers clean water and shoreline restoration educational presentations to students, business leaders and other groups, and also monitors and investigates issues reported via the City of Tacoma's Water Pollution Hotline (253) 255-3895, where callers report pollution on the area's waterways or land.

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